The Focal Bathys, with their bespoke French drivers and comfortable leather earpads, are the best premium wireless headphones I’ve heard yet. They look fantastic, with light-up logos on the outside of each earcup, but they sound even better. DNA from its higher-end headphones trickles down heavily here. These noise-canceling headphones possess some of the clearest, most fun sound quality I’ve heard so far. 

When you don’t want to listen wirelessly, these have a high-quality, built-in, digital-to-analog converter (DAC), a chip that will make your laptop or cell phone sound much better if you plug it in via the USB-C port. Thirty hours of battery life means they’ll last for even the longest trips, plus rapid charging means you can plug them in for 15 minutes and get five quick hours. They’re perfect for the stylishly forgetful traveler, if you can stomach the price tag.