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Well you would expect us to say “NOW”, but actually that is not necessarily the case, because we are honest people!

Existing Business

If you are already in business and are considering extending your business to the Internet you probably have a number of questions, such as “is it worth it?” or “is this going to be expensive?” and “what can I expect?”.  If you have those sort of questions then it would be a good idea to talk to us as we can probably answer them and give you some clear direction.

Startup Business

If you have a business concept and you are looking at how best to get up and running you may be better off getting your thoughts together first.  We have a lot of experience with startups and know that it is unwise to provide too much advice before there has been a chance to flesh out the ideas – after all it is your business and your unique twist.  So the first thing for you to do is be able to communicate your concept, and from that provide a basic business plan.  What we can do, free of charge, is to provide you with a template for your business plan – we have a library of over 500 covering most types of startup.  This will enable you to answer all the questions, get a clear idea of where you want to get to and be able to get the story across to others.  That is the time to talk to us.  If you want a sample business plan email your concept, in confidence, and we will send you a template that matches your plan as closely as we can.  Just outline your concept in an email to: bp@indinet.net .

It’s not happening like we expected …

Everything is not going to plan: you thought you had it all worked out, you got advice, maybe spent money but you are not achieving the results you want, and you are not 100% sure why.  That is a good reason to talk to us – at the very least we will be able to give you a perspective, and perhaps we can work with you to achieve more.

We want out!

One of the main reasons for setting up a business is to get out of it or EXIT and get reward for all you have put into it.  There are not so many options to exit as there were a few years ago, but there are still opportunities.  Looking at exit strategies and planning for exit is something we do well, and an area that we can help you plan for.  Of course, every business is different, but when looking to exit you should be planning at least 2 years ahead so if you are thinking that you want to have moved on in the next few years you need to be talking about how – now.


As we make no commitment nor charge for our first meeting you have the opportunity to explore any possibilities, so you can get an honest third opinion – it is a simple as picking up the phone and dialling 01225 576109 or emailing when@indinet.net .

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